In our facilities you will have the chance to enjoy the elegant gastronomic fusion of Tika, a local restaurant inspired by the Palacio de Sal; a wonderful selection of high altitude wines, organic specialty coffee shop with internationally awarded products, signature drinks with Bolivian liquors and an environmental curatorship that invites you to indulge in all our flavors, at any time of the day.

Tika Palace

The “uncommon cuisine" of Tika arrived to our hotel, offering a spectacular fusion of Bolivian flavors and international gourmet cuisine. In a new format that combines the practicality of the buffet with the distinction of a first class fine dinning experience. Its warm and elegant atmospehre offers our guests –without leaving the hotel- the ideal space to give in to what is, no doubts, the best culinary experience in the area.

Premium Buffet

When Tika conceptualized the " Palace " gastronomic proposal for our hotel, it chose to maintain this traditional system, not only because of the inherent possibility of "all you can eat" but because this customary approach urges guests to be much closer to the food, to see how it looks, to perceive its aromas. It is a format that encourages investigation, inviting the mixing of options; in short, to be an active part of a more playful conception of good eating.

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Ingredients with 0 food miles

They say that food with zero miles is the one that moves you geographically to a specific place when you taste it. But this is not an evocation or a metaphor: it is about prioritizing the authenticity of the products and the flavors of the region; seeking that the food is freshly harvested or uses very little transportation; mostly seasonal and follows the conscientious consumption of local products.

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High altitude wines

A high altitude wine is considered to be one made from grapes harvested at more than 800 meters above sea level. The Bolivian wines were born from an altitude that goes from 1500 to 3000 meters above sea level, giving them differential characteristics worldwide: aromas, flavors and colors more intense and varied, and a great character capable of positioning them as a must in the list of the wonderful world of wine tourism.

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The hotel scene has a particular rhythm. There are those who travel in a hurry from tour to tour; those who prefer few activities and a lot of free time; those who are there on business; those who eat late; those who sleep early; those who celebrate love; and the lonely. They will all have one thing in common: they will need a break. That's why our coffee bar is the ideal place to spend some time by the fireplace, playing games, tasting local drinks, enjoying a good coffee or an infusion, while enjoying a beautiful view of the immensity of the surroundings.


Year after year, hundreds of people of all ages and from around the world stay with us. There is nothing better than a space with board games to play with strangers who, like you, dreamed of sleeping under salt domes.

Are you missing a player to play pool? This is not just another game room: this is a good excuse to meet others.

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Specialty Coffee

Bolivian coffee is one of the great treasures of the world's cafeteria. The altitude and climate make its beans a source of concentrated flavors, internationally awarded and qualified as versatile, balanced and with excellent body.

Because we are proud of these characteristics, our coffee options involve the best local brands, 100% organic.

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Signature Drinks

Palacio de Sal's cocktail bar has a mission - besides offering the typical Bolivian and international drinks -: to version, experiment, merge and create different options of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; using local gourmet ingredients in innovative ways.

For instance, you can find different drinks in our bar with the (so requested) local distillate, Singani.

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