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Palacio de Sal is the luxury link of a chain of partner brands consisting of hotels, restaurants and a tour company, aiming to create a comprehensive service that allows our visitors to connect with the environment, without worrying about anything else. Its constituent element - salt - is also part of a story of elements that can be witnessed throughout our hotel experience, which also includes an adobe hotel and a stone hotel.

Tours dedicated to create extraordinary stories, because we are convinced that each new step on the world has the objective of teaching, transforming and leaving indelible marks on people.

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Gastronomy as a journey is an inspiration and a fundamental part of the interior landscape, taking our culture as a legacy, but adapting it to other formats and other palates. In its 4 versions: Palace, City, Pop Up and On the road, Tika takes you to taste Bolivia.

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Nuestro hotel de piedra: una guarida para aventureros, enclavada en una enorme montaña. Un refugio cálido para encontrar, en el medio de la nada, una conexión con el mundo.

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Our adobe hotel: a space of transit to move from the pragmatism of individual daily life to the exaltation of the journey. The perfect connection between several worlds.

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