Avant-garde design with Andean character

Our boutique is conceived as a reflection on the beauty and essence of original Bolivian design. Its mission is to offer quality products, unique and with a clear stamp of our beautiful culture, hand in hand with one of the most important brands in the country.

Dressed in tradition

Mistura was born in La Paz, the vision of a group of Bolivian businesswomen and designers hoping to promote national materials and designs. It is positioned in the market as one of the first 'concept stores' in Bolivia and in 2017 was selected among the 50 best in the world.

It is a boutique that offers a wide variety of products of the highest quality, bringing together the work of more than 100 Bolivian designers, artists and craftsmen, and exhibiting the essence of our culture in an unprecedented way. It is a showcase of Bolivia to the world.

Through a precious alliance, they joined our hotel to be part of the family Palacio de Sal. Don’t miss it!